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Courtenay Rodwell Transformative Coach


National statistics highlight a concerning reality:
Misalignment and a lack of professional motivation significantly hampers productivity and profitability.

An alarming example is the cost of unresolved personal trauma on workplace productivity.
Not just at senior management level making multi-million dollar decisions, but amongst support teams.

Consider a company with 100 employees, each earning an average salary of $70,000.
If these employees are battling personal trauma or life transitions without professional support, a minimum of 21% of their productivity can be compromised.

This translates to a minimum a 21% or $1,470,000 expense, against annual profits alone...

And that's not even the leading decision-makers with the capacity to make or break your business!



Educate & Align Senior Management


Streamline Corporate

Strategy & Purpose


Transform & Inspire Support Teams

Enhance profitability by aligning senior management with the company's core values and strategic goals.


Address any issues affecting their personal clarity and conduct and address personal and professional barriers. 

 Transform your leaders into visionaries who inspire their teams and drive unified efforts towards profitable objectives.


Improve decision-making, and significantly boost the bottom line.


Equip your leadership team with the clarity and direction needed to excel and transform your senior management into a powerhouse driving your company's success.

Streamline corporate strategy and align it with the company's mission.


Eliminate redundancies and clarify everyone's role.


Potently increase 

operational efficiency, employee engagement, and adaptability to market changes, directly impacting profitability.


Sharpen corporate focus and execution.


Guide your company to a future where every move is purpose-driven and aligned with your ultimate success and profitability.

Transform your support teams.


 Unlock their potential and see them significantly contribute to company growth and profitability.


 Create motivated, efficient teams that improve customer service, drive innovation, and enhance collaboration.


Foster personal growth and professional development that drives progress and profit.


Boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and key profitability drivers.


Transform your support teams into your company's biggest asset.


Invest to inspire and elevate your teams to new heights of performance and profitability.

Take the First Step...

Partner with Courtenay Rodwell and invest in not only corporate consulting services, but the future of your company's profitability.


For a fraction of the cost, Courtenay will implement bespoke coaching solutions to save your company upwards of $1 million per year in lost productivity.


This is not just consulting;

It's a strategic investment in the heart of your business - your people.


Courtenay Rodwell's services directly enhance profitability by educating and aligning senior management. Her approach focuses on building a cohesive leadership team that is free of personal baggage and fractured focus.


By addressing personal and professional barriers, Courtenay ensures that leaders are not just managers, but true visionaries who inspire their teams. This alignment at the top fosters a clear, unified direction for the company, minimising wasted effort and maximizing efficiency.


Improved decision-making, objectivity, clarity and increased resilience among senior management, lead to better strategic outcomes, directly impacting the bottom line.


The result is a leadership team that is fully equipped to steer their departments towards achieving shared objectives, significantly boosting the company's overall profitability.

"Don't let the unconscious baggage of your leaders,

affect your company's bottom line"


Courtenay's work is not only about healing; it's about empowering. She excels in inspiring managers and business owners to address the often-overlooked issue of their unconscious emotional landscape.

Her approach addresses the hidden toll of unconscious emotion on business practice, offering a solution that many fail to recognise. In an era where individual well-being is directly linked to business success, Courtenay's expertise is not just beneficial; it's essential.

Managers and business owners, the message is clear:

Reach out to Courtenay Rodwell today.


Put her passion, experience, and proven techniques to work for your organisation.

Transform the lives of your employees and watch as it revolutionises your business.


The value is undeniable; the choice is yours!

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Anchoring Success:

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Client Testimonial...

Courtenay Rodwell was a speaker for my monthly networking event recently. She was honest, authentic, raw, relatable, and enthusiastic.


The guests were captivated by her story, there were tears and laughter, and so much value delivered.


Leading up to the event, Courtenay was in communication with me, promoted herself as a speaker, and even supplied video and imagery for me to use on social media too.


A complete professional.


I would highly recommend Courtenay for any speaking or facilitation opportunity. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and the attendees adored her.


Thank you Courtenay! I’m looking forward to working with you again.


- Lauren Bryant, Empower House


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