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Why Transformative Consulting?

Ultimately, every individual's success depends on his/her performance. There is no substitute or human performance and as such, our behaviours are what determine whether we succeed in achieving what we want for our lives or not. 

The more highly performing a person is in whatever they set out to accomplish, the more they get paid, the more successful they are in achieving a loving relationship, career or fitness goal, incredible intimate life etc. 

Consulting brings out the best in people, specifically, the work I do, frees the individual from the unhelpful things they BELIEVE about themselves, so they can take the action necessary to achieve any goal they set their mind to. 

I assist the growth and development of that individual to enhance productivity, release negative emotions which are holding them back, release trauma, overcome anxiety, PTSD, depression and/or any other limiting beliefs that keep them from reaching their true potential. 

What I do lifts the veil of negativity, stagnation and mediocre performance to enhance well-being, improve motivation, increase resourcefulness and awareness of emotions to achieve results. Fast! 

How is what you do different to traditional therapy?

Psychotherapy is an interpersonal, relational intervention designed to help individuals "deal with" the problems of living by analysing why an individual has come to a particular point in their life...

Conversely in NLP consulting, we don't spend a lot of time wallowing in the problems.

Rather, we focus on discovering the structure of thought that prevents the client from achieving what they want for their life. NLP consulting doesn't focus on the client's life, but instead on their future goals and changing their structure of thoughts and behaviours so they can achieve whatever objectives they want to. Time Line Therapy®️ and Hypnotherapy allow us to re-pattern the individual's thought process which leads to different action, different behaviour and superior results in a very short time. 

Who are you?

I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-lingustic Programming, Time Line Therapy®️ and Hypnotherapy…

What that means, is that I use the language of the mind and how we represent the world to ourselves, to help my clients let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviour so they can achieve EVERYTHING they truly want in life.

I specialise in intimacy, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, sexual dysfunction and relationships.

How did you get into this line of work? 

I went through hell myself!

Most of my life I was crippled with intense loneliness, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, inability to connect, sexual dysfunction etc.

I was suicidal at 15, raped multiple times and lived (luckily) through over 10 years of abusive relationships.

I was in psychotherapy for years unsuccessfully and ended up broke and at the end of my rope until THIS process changed the game for me, as it will for you too!

What can you help me with?

  • Anything that you want in your life that you cannot seem to reach, I can help.

  • Any pattern that you see repeating that you believe you have no power over, I can help.

  • Any addiction you have, I can help.

  • If you're in a loveless, sexless or abusive relationship, I can help.

  • Anywhere your life lacks love, money, performance, success, joy and or motivation, I can help.

I also specialise in dealing with anxiety, a variety of issues in relationships, traumatic past experiences, sexual dysfunction, PTSD and abuse.

How will NLP, Time Line Therapy®️ & Hypnotherapy help me?

Time Line Therapy®️ is a powerful mechanism to change unconscious behavioural patterns. As humans, a great deal of our personality is formed from birth to age 21, in three distinct periods.

By the time you’re 35 years old, 95% of who you are is a set of memorised behaviours and emotional reactions from the past. These memorised behaviours, if left unchallenged, can wreak havoc when attempting to operate efficiently and effectively as an adult and achieve your goals. Especially in relationships! You model what you see and what you’ve been taught. Time Line Therapy®️ changes these behaviours.

By completing events of the past, editing memories and focusing on what we want, we are align our behaviours with what we wish to achieve life. This opens up a whole new world of thought and action.

In terms of success, it ensures you feel SAFE to be exactly who you are and thereby attract exactly what you want in your life, without unconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Once we’ve identified what the blocks are with NLP and removed them with Time Line Therapy®️, Hypnotherapy steps in to solidify the new beliefs in the psyche and keep the client focused on what they want.

How important is a healthy mind in terms of performance? 

One cannot exist without the other! EVERYTHING you attract in your life reflects who you believe you are and what you believe you are worthy of unconsciously!  

The unconscious beliefs that are driving your relationships and your career dictate everything that comes in!

Until you identify what the blocks are, clean up the negative and reprogram your behaviour to get you what you want, the same patterns will repeat.

How can I stop carrying past trauma into a new relationship?

Come and talk to me! 

If you’ve experienced toxicity in a relationship, you were allowing it in for some reason…

This is a difficult concept for many to accept, but on some level, you believe you deserve what is coming into your life. If there is a lack of love, money, success, or anything else, you are unconsciously harbouring feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt or shame in who you are on some level that is affecting your behaviour and blocking you from doing what is necessary to get what you want in your life.

Toxicity doesn’t exist without those emotions. Get rid of them for good and watch your life change infinitely for the better!


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