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Courtenay Rodwell Transformative Coach and Speaker

As a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia, Transformative Therapist and Corporate Consultant, Courtenay stands out as a true example of personal and professional transformation.

A survivor of many years of physical and sexual abuse, addiction and hopelessness, she has risen to become a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy. 

In her presentations, Courtenay leverages her past experience and deep understanding of human behaviour to deliver content that is not only motivational but also rich in practical strategies.


Presentations are tailored to empower her audience to re-pattern their unconscious beliefs, tap into their strengths, and overcome individual barriers to success. Her workshops and courses are described as life-changing, providing attendees with the tools they need to achieve rapid, substantial, and lasting change...

Courtenay's speaking engagements are characterised by a unique blend of empathy, intuition, and strategic thinking. She provides actionable insights and strategies for overcoming unhelpful behaviour, clarifying goals, and realising ambitions, which she supports with examples from her extensive work with clients worldwide.


The value is undeniable; the choice is yours.

To find out more about common content & fees, download Courtenay's Speaker Bio below...


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Empower House
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Cat's out of the bag

Place Estate Agents
Power-Up Brunch
Brisbane 2023

Anchoring Success:

Unleashing the Power of NLP to Reduce Workplace Stress and Anxiety

Empower House
5th Anniversary Brunch Club Event
Gold Coast 2023

Trauma in Relationships: 

How to Overcome Your Intimate Blocks

The Brunch Club presents Courtenay Rodwell 2023

Client Testimonial...

Courtenay Rodwell was a speaker for my monthly networking event recently. She was honest, authentic, raw, relatable, and enthusiastic.


The guests were captivated by her story, there were tears and laughter, and so much value delivered.


Leading up to the event, Courtenay was in communication with me, promoted herself as a speaker, and even supplied video and imagery for me to use on social media too.


A complete professional.


I would highly recommend Courtenay for any speaking or facilitation opportunity. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and the attendees adored her.


Thank you Courtenay! I’m looking forward to working with you again.


- Lauren Bryant, Empower House

Image by Jonathan Farber

Client Testimonial...

I invited Courtenay on my podcast as a guest speaker to discuss Trauma, PTSD and Overcoming fears in relationships from her viewpoint as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time line therapy and Hypnotherapy.


We had an absolute ball!


She was engaging, knowledgeable, has an incredible story and is obviously brilliant at what she does with her clients, as there’s a great deal of empathy having been through a lot of trauma herself.


I would have no hesitation in putting her in front of any audience to discuss mindset techniques, trauma recovery, communication or relationships in any forum and cannot wait to get her back on my podcast!


I’ll definitely be booking in an appointment with her too! She is such an inspiring woman and I learnt so much from her.

- Cat Henesey - Cat's Out Of The Bag Podcast

Listen to Courtenay chat with Bachelor Star
Cat Henesey
PTSD, Trauma and Overcoming Your Fears... 

Courtenay Rodwell Transformative Coach and Speaker

Here are a few of Courtenay's most requested topics...

"Building Resilience: Strategies for Mental Well-being in the Modern World"​ 

This keynote explores techniques and practices to enhance mental resilience and promote overall well-being, addressing the challenges of the digital age.

"The Breakthrough Process: Unleashing the Potential of the Unconscious Mind"

This keynote explores the science and application of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy, discussing its effectiveness in areas such as stress reduction, habit change, and performance enhancement.

"The Science of Happiness: Nurturing Mental Wellness in the Workplace"

This talk focuses on promoting mental well-being in the workplace, providing strategies for fostering a positive work environment, managing stress, and enhancing employee happiness and productivity.

"Authenticity: The Key to Thriving iRelationships"

This keynote highlights the importance of authenticity and emotional intelligence in building and maintaining healthy relationships, providing practical tools for effective communication, conflict resolution, and empathy.

"Navigating Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age"

This keynote addresses the challenges posed by technology and social media in relationships, offering insights on establishing boundaries, fostering genuine connections, and promoting healthy digital habits.

"Breaking the Stigma: Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy"

This talk addresses the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health, encouraging open conversations and promoting mental health awareness, emphasizing the importance of seeking support and resources.

"The Future of Mindfulness: Cultivating Presence and Clarity in a Fast-paced World"

This keynote explores the practice of mindfulness, offering techniques to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and improve overall mental well-being.

"Harnessing the Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Personal Transformation" 

This talk delves into the principles and techniques of NLP, showcasing how it can be used to overcome limiting beliefs, improve communication skills, and achieve personal growth.

"Unlocking the Power of Self-Compassion"

This keynote focuses on the transformative power of self-compassion, guiding individuals to embrace self-acceptance, overcome self-criticism, and cultivate inner resilience.

"Time Line Therapy®️: Cleaning the Slate for Positive Change"

This talk explores the principles and techniques of Time Line Therapy®️, providing practical strategies to challenge negative thought patterns, manage anxiety and depression, and promote mental well-being.

Accreditation American Board of Hypnotherapy
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